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Digging deeper into BitKeep’s zkSync Gold Expedition

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Excited for zkSync Era? BitKeep is too. It announced the launch of its zkSync Gold Expedition, an interactive campaign that rewards users with ZKBG and places participants at the forefront for impending zkSync official token airdrops. Grab your gear and get ready to explore zkSync Era like never before with BitKeep’s zkSync Gold Expedition.

Ethereum layer-2 projects have demonstrated commendable performance this year, particularly in light of the launch of the Arbitrum airdrops. The market continues to reflect positive rallies, and zkSync certainly stands out as one of the most promising projects currently. Notably, zkSync has yet to issue any official project tokens, leading many to await their arrival.

At present, zkSync has amassed an impressive $458 million in funding, cementing its position as the primary frontrunner in the layer-2 sector. On March 2023, zkSync revealed the debut of the Era mainnet and saw its TVL surpass $100 million within just 18 days of the announcement — a growth spurt that can be mainly attributed to an influx of early adopters and project founders that have flocked to the new zkSync network.

As the largest multi-chain wallet in Asia, BitKeep has pledged its full support for the zkSync ecosystem, facilitating access to zkSync mainnets, cross-chain swaps and DApp aggregation. BitKeep now serves as a multifaceted pillar for the zkSync ecosystem that will continue providing its users with unbridled and unprecedented access to all that zkSync has to offer.

In a bid to enhance user participation within the zkSync ecosystem and unearth new wealth opportunities and airdrops, BitKeep has teamed up with several zkSync projects to roll out an extensive event: the zkSync Gold Expedition. The event integrates DApp access, project introductions, detailed tutorials and more by scaffolding them from a comprehensive purpose-built landing page, empowering users to easily and conveniently engage with the prominent layer-2 network.

Wait no further, feel the gold rush of the zkSync ecosystem today by participating in this exclusive campaign, and seize official zkSync token airdrops together with BitKeep Wallet.

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