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AI & Blockchain

Embracing the Synergy of AI and Blockchain:  Your Portal to a Brave New Digital Era, The Ultimate Access Point.

Unleashing the Power of

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AI Meets Blockchain

There will be Dual tokens. One for Platform and One for Launchpad

nCORAI - Launchpad Token

NAI - Platform Token

10,000 Platform NFTs (pNFT) - Free Mint

AI Index NFTs (iNFT) - Wrapped Ai Promising Tokens 

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The Next Wave of Disruption with AI

NeoCortexAI is riding the early wave and is dedicated to contribute in harnessing the transformative power of AI and Blockchain: The premier destination for Cutting-Edge Innovation.

NeoCortexAI is poised to make a significant impact in the world of AI and blockchain through incubation, accelerating AI projects and connecting Web2 AI to Web3 AI



  • Marketing & Technical Assistance

  • Access to a Network of Investors

  • Access to Multi-AI-Index Pool with exposure

AI Index Pool

  • AI Index NFTs(iNFTs) wrapped in AI promising tokens.

  • DCA with AI bots(both buy and sell)

  • DAO voting AI Index Pool after 10 AI-Index Pool.

  • Each Index Pool will be launched accordingly with the market conditions.

AI Swap

  • Trade iNFTs & pNFTs

  • Swap Platform Token

  • Swap Launchpad Token

AI Brain Center

  • Real-time latest news and advancements in AI & Blockchain

  • Providing AI token prices and graph readings.

  • Content Creation and Advertisements.


Launchpad Partners

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NeoCortexAI Raised Under Million dollar USD - Benzinga

Services That will Change Blockchain  - YahooNews

NeoCortexAI Raised Under Million USD - MarketWatch

Services That will Change Blockchain  - YahooFinance

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