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Chappyz: A Revolution in Web3 Focused on Genuine Community Engagement

NeocortexAI recently achieved a significant milestone with the successful completion of its fundraise, in conjunction with its active participation in the Chappyz seed round Pre-sale. The much-anticipated grand sale, initially scheduled for November 1st, witnessed an overwhelming demand and impressively sold out within a mere day of the pre-sale launch, marking a resounding success. During the NeocortexAI seed round raise, the token price was $0.0004, at a valuation of $4 million, signaling a promising outlook. The token is set to go live soon on a tier-1 exchange, creating a buzz of excitement among eager investors and users.

In the rapidly evolving world of Web3, where decentralized platforms and user-driven content have become the norm, innovation and digital expansion are thriving. However, amid this growth, there's a growing concern about the emphasis on vanity metrics – platforms prioritizing sheer volume over genuine engagement. Enter Chappyz, a platform that boldly steps in to redefine the essence of community dynamics in the Web3 realm.

Chappyz isn't just another platform in the vast universe of Web3; it represents a revolution. It's a movement that seeks to place authentic engagement and community appreciation at the heart of the digital realm. With Chappyz, the focus shifts from mere numbers to real conversations, from passive followers to active contributors.

Chat & Earn: Rewarding Quality Engagement

Chappyz seamlessly allows community members to be rewarded according to the quality of their engagement and completion of pre-defined tasks. It also caters to users with no prior Web3 experience by creating an intuitive and user-focused experience on the front-end. To participate, simply create an account, connect your Telegram, Twitter, and Web3 wallet, and start engaging with other members and tasks within the community. You can contribute by sharing insights, creating content, participating in discussions, and referring friends to join the community. Users only need to connect their wallet and socials once!

Leaderboards: Fostering Healthy Engagement

Chappyz features leaderboards where you can track your progress as you complete tasks from various communities. The platform employs AI algorithms and analysis techniques to fairly evaluate and reward users based on their activities when chatting and discussing topics. Users can compete for the number one place to earn extra rewards and badges, fostering healthy competition and community engagement.

NFTs - Your Personal Companions

Chappyz introduces the concept of Chappyz Characters, AI-powered NFTs that come with unique token rewards. Each character carries its own values and rewards, making them not just collectibles but valuable assets. By becoming a Very Important Chapper (VIC) and holding Chappyz NFTs, you can unlock exclusive rewards, airdrops, and benefits as more communities join the party. Chappyz NFTs offer three primary benefits: access to airdrops, participation in NFT staking pools to yield stable $CHAPZ rewards, and a share of the entire Chappyz ecosystem's revenue.

Airdrop: Rewards for Active Community Engagement

Chappyz will be initiating airdrop events for their valuable community members. Active engagement in the Chappyz community allows you to earn $COOKIE tokens, making you eligible for the $CHAPZ token airdrop . Additionally, other communities may reward you with their native tokens, ETH, USDT, USDC, and more. These tokens have various use cases within the platform, such as accessing premium features, participating in token staking or farming, and trading on the internal DEX.

$CHAPZ Token Utilities: The Heart of Chappyz Economy

The $CHAPZ token is at the core of the Chappyz economy, serving multiple purposes, including:

  • Medium of Exchange: It facilitates transactions within the Chappyz ecosystem.

  • Rewarding Users: It rewards users for their engagement and contributions.

  • Purchasing Premium Items: Users can use $CHAPZ to access premium features and items.

  • Proof of Commitment: Staking $CHAPZ yields tiered rewards.

  • Governance: $CHAPZ token holders have a say in the platform's governance, including voting on the treasury's use and project fees.

  • Access to Internal Pool: The token provides access to an internal pool.

All protocol revenue flows into $CHAPZ, ensuring its importance and liquidity within the ecosystem. The token plays a critical role in microtransactions, advertising, and accessing various services.

Chappyz is not just a Web3 platform; it's a movement that values genuine engagement and community building. In an era where digital interactions are sometimes shallow and number-driven, Chappyz is championing a cause that is much needed – one that focuses on real conversations, meaningful contributions, and rewarding community members for their commitment. As the Web3 world continues to evolve, Chappyz stands at the forefront of this revolution, redefining the digital realm for the better. Join the Chappyz community and be a part of this exciting journey towards authentic engagement in the Web3 era.

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